Frédéric Donier

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Engineer, graduate of Ecole des Mines de St Etienne (France), joined AEC Partners experts network in 2015. He started his career in 1988 as Cultural and Technical Cooperation Assistant Adviser in the General French Consulate in São Paulo. Then he joined Exxonmobil Chemicals in 1990, as a Process Engineer on the petrochemical platform of Notre Dame de Gravenchon in Normandy. In 1993, he became Senior Consultant at Paris Headquarters of Eurogroup management consultancy, then he is transferred to Brazil in 1995 as Manager and then Director to develop the local operations. In 2004, he launched his own management consultancy Crescendo Consulting based in São Paulo with the aim of offering the market an innovative combined hard & soft skills approach to address complex transformation projects. Along the last 20 years, Frederic has assisted, as a consultant and as a coach, numerous firms in the evolution of their strategy, culture and operating modes in order to adapt themselves to new environments: globalization, disruptive competition, restructurings, mergers, etc. He facilitated a great number of strategic and tactical thinking processes in conjunction with executives from top senior management to operational levels. Frederic has acquired a deep knowledge and experience of the Brazilian culture since his first contact with this country in 1976. He has also acquired experience in other Latin-American and emerging countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Turkey. Fred is based in São Paulo and speaks Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.