Sandra Claveau


Always curious about the next medical advance, I am dedicated at helping young companies to develop and bring innovative treatments to the patient

Want to know more?

With a PhD in nanomedicine for cancer treatment from the University of Paris-Saclay and graduated from ESCP Business School with the specialized master in pharmaceutical management and biotechnology, Sandra joined AEC Partners in 2022.

Before joining AEC Partners, Sandra participated in the selection of grant applications for health startups under the France 2030 plan at BPI France. She has also had various experiences in Germany and England.

As a consultant, Sandra has worked on various strategic missions for biotech companies and medtechs, on business plan definition, asset valuation, market and opportunities assessment and business development. Sandra has a good capacity for synthesis, an analytical mind and interpersonal skills that allow her to fully invest in each project.

Sandra is French and works in French and English.