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Press release for the creation of ITCC-P4 gGmbH

AEC Partners is proud to have supported the creation of ITCC-P4 gGmbH – Paediatric Preclinical Proof-of-Concept Platform, the first company in the world to offer preclinical drug testing for paediatric cancers, which remain the leading cause of disease-related death in children and adolescents.

ITCC-P4 project was initiated as a public-private partnership in 2017, as part of the European Union’s Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI2), with the goal to develop patient-specific preclinical laboratory models for the most common high-risk childhood cancers as well as relapses that are currently under-treated.

The new company is a public-private partnership bringing together 11 high-profile research institutions (listed below) and 3 private companies: Charles River Laboratories, Experimental Pharmacology & Oncology-Berlin-Buch GmbH and Xentech.

It is the first and only non-profit company worldwide to offer academic institutions, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, access to a comprehensive repertoire of 400+ fully characterized paediatric tumour models for systematic efficacy testing. The aim is to systematically test new treatment options for children and adolescents with cancer and to generate data to regulatory approval processes in order to make the development of new cancer therapies for children and adolescents more attractive.

We wish Pr Gilles Vassal (Gustave Roussy), Daphné Descarpentries (Gustave Roussy), Pr Stefan Pfister (KiTZ Heidelberg, DKFZ), Anna-Lisa Böttcher (DKFZ) and the ITCC-P4 team all the success with this game-changing initiative for the development of new cancer therapies for children and adolescents that still suffer and die from paediatric cancers.

AEC Partners’ support was provided by Jordi Esclusa and Julia Machon.

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AEC Partners presents its study on the “France 2025 Biotech Skills Plan”. Sponsored by the Leem* and OPCO 2i**, this study specifies the strategic positioning of France among the 10 main families of biotechnology products and identifies needs to meet the associated skill requirements.

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*Leem: Les Entreprises du Medicament – Industry Association representing pharma companies operating in France
**OPCO2i: Opérateurs de Compétences 2i – Agency financing further education & learning in France

Evolution of the Commercial function in the medical device sector

AEC Partners presents its study on the Evolution of the Commercial function in the medical device sector.
Sponsored by the SNITEM and OPCO 2i, this study identifies the evolution trends and the client expectations. It provides a comprehensive mapping of the company commercial strategies. It offers job descriptions and defines capability needs.

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