AEC Partners is a human adventure, building on solid foundations, to create a successful future – we unite people driven by excellence & customer commitment, who seek happiness at work

OurSingle touch

Decoding the environment, healthcare systems & challenges,
delivering tangible insights

Committed to creating value
with the objective of “Making it Happen”

Passionate & creative
we are in constant search for excellence

Designing customized methodologies
& adapting in real-time to project needs

Delivering different consulting approaches
from analysis & solutions to a catalyst for reflection to change management to communication

Constantly evolving
developing & leveraging our consulting methodologies and soft skills via our internal academy

Our uniquevalue proposition

With solid foundations, continuity & capitalization on our acquired expertise, we deliver a distinctive approach to consulting :

Value Creation & Agility

We have grown constantly since our inception & synergized our experiences into a senior team of unrivalled experts.

This results in an inversed pyramid of consulting profiles delivering superior & efficient value.


Client dedication, focused
on delivering results

Inventing solutions
enabling our clients to
better treat their patients

Caring for our clients, our
people & our society

Excellence & continuous
personal improvement

Empowerment & Agility

Our specializations


  • Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products – ATMP (Gene Therapies, Cell Therapies, RNA-based therapies)
  • Artificial intelligence / Digital / e-Health solutions
  • Biologicals (mAbs, multi-specific antibodies, ADC, proteins, peptides) & Live biotherapeutic products
  • Genome-editing technologies (CRISPR, TALEN)
  • Medical Devices (e.g., In vitro Diagnostics, CDx, DTx, Imaging, Implantable, Injectable, connected/RPM)
  • Pharma Business Models: Rare diseases (orphan drugs), Specialty Care, General medicine, Generics – Biosimilars, CHC / OTC, Animal health
  • Providers Business Models (CRO, CDMO / CMO, DDS)
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Small molecules 
  • Vaccines (prophylactic & therapeutic)