AEC Partners is a human adventure, building on solid foundations, to create a successful future – we unite people driven by excellence & customer commitment, who seek happiness at work

Our Social Purpose
We commit to creating value for our Clients and the Health ecosystem of today and tomorrow

OurSingle touch

Decoding the environment, healthcare systems & challenges,
delivering tangible insights

Committed to creating value
with the objective of “Making it Happen”

Passionate & creative
we are in constant search for excellence

Designing customized methodologies
& adapting in real-time to project needs

Delivering different consulting approaches
from analysis & solutions to a catalyst for reflection to change management to communication

Constantly evolving
developing & leveraging our consulting methodologies and soft skills via our internal academy

Our uniquevalue proposition

With solid foundations, continuity & capitalization on our acquired expertise, we deliver a distinctive approach to consulting :

Value Creation & Agility

We have grown constantly since our inception & synergized our experiences into a senior team of unrivalled experts.

This results in an inversed pyramid of consulting profiles delivering superior & efficient value.


Client dedication, focused
on delivering results

Inventing solutions
enabling our clients to
better treat their patients

Caring for our clients, our
people & our society

Excellence & continuous
personal improvement

Empowerment & Agility

Our specializations


  • Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products – ATMP (Gene Therapies, Cell Therapies, RNA-based therapies)
  • Artificial intelligence / Digital / e-Health solutions
  • Biologicals (mAbs, multi-specific antibodies, ADC, proteins, peptides) & Live biotherapeutic products
  • Genome-editing technologies (CRISPR, TALEN)
  • Medical Devices (e.g., In vitro Diagnostics, CDx, DTx, Imaging, Implantable, Injectable, connected/RPM)
  • Pharma Business Models: Rare diseases (orphan drugs), Specialty Care, General medicine, Generics – Biosimilars, CHC / OTC, Animal health
  • Providers Business Models (CRO, CDMO / CMO, DDS)
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Small molecules 
  • Vaccines (prophylactic & therapeutic)